Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I love books.  Touching them, smelling them or being lulled to sleep with one resting on my chest --- that is what a book can do to me. Or take my great aunt's books.  A series of ten, now one hundred years old. I whiff the smell of age as I turn the pages.  My grandfather's Math and Latin books, also one hundred years old, with his notes from teaching inside.
No tablet could produce the above sensations.
But guess what happened? My dream was to become published and this year two books from The Promise Series came out.  But my dream shattered when my publisher said "only digital for now." I want to hold and caress my stories. Well, that won't happen for awhile --- but hopefully one day soon, I too, will be able to make notes in my books so that a long time from now, my grandchildren can read them and know a little more about me.  
Until that day, I'll continue holding another writer's book or --- downloading an author's story to my Kindle.
Happy reading no matter what your choice might be.